Darshana Information


  1. Please follow the temple rules for quick and easy Darshana.
  2. Every Devotee needs to be respected like what you expect.
  3. No Specific dress code for Darshana however Shorts for Men and Western dress for Women is not allowed.
  4. Co-operate with the temple Staff for any bag checks for security purpose.
  5. Take care of your valuables like purse, ornaments, Mobile phones, etc.
  6. Don’t put coins or tie rings with tags anywhere in the temple to leave it as your souvenir to the god, it is a superstitious belief.
  7. No eatables are allowed inside the temple.
  8. Smoking and spitting is prohibited within the temple premise.
  9. Maintain cleanliness in the temple premises and Q-complex.
  10. Please follow and co-operate with the temple customs.
  11. Use of Mobile phones in the temple premises is prohibited.
  12. The Timings may vary during special days you can get the details from the temple admin counter.
  13. Any donations you can make the payment at admin counter itself (By UPI, by cash, by cheque or by RTGS/NEFT) is allowed.
  14. Any donations made will not be applicable for special entrance during Amavasya / Hunnime / Special days.