Namaste ! Here are the few questions which most of the devotes asked with us in the chat, hence we planned to put all such questions with answers here in this page for quick clarification/support.

What is the temple timings on Regular days, Festival Days, Week ends, Amavasya and Poornima ?

What is the launcher timings ?

Do we get free meals at temple if so what are the timings

I wanted to make the donation or book online seva for a specific date, can I book it ?

Can i get prasadam for which all seva ? Is the e-hundi and Annadanam also will get Seva Prasadam?

Tulabara Seva Available? what is the cost, timings and what all devote needs to carry it ?

Lodge facility is available if so what are the charges and how to book.

I have made the payment online but not received the Kunkum prasadam, why?

My order is failed/Cancelled, what should i do now?

I have my concerns should i write email or send letter so that you can read infront of Goddess along with my Seva?

I wanted to call some one in temple which number should I contact.

I wanted to do Chandika Homa at temple, what are the formalities?

How can I reach from Sagar?

Launcher is available now?

What are the options available to travel from Sagar to Sigandur?

What are the options available to travel from Bangalore to Sigandur?

Locker facility is available?

Quick Washroom and other freshup option available if we cannot get room?

Do I get the ATM facility in and around Temple?

Which all telecom SIM works in Temple?

At temple, UPI Payment option available for donation/Darshana/Prasadam Tickets to buy?

Can I get QR Code for the online payment online?

Can I Book Seva online and visit temple to perform?

I am visiting to temple, can I get the online Seva Prasadam from temple itself?

I am coming with Sr Citizen/Special Child who have challenges in walking and would need special wheel chair would I get quick Darshana Facility?

How much Seva Ticket I should take for quick Darshana?