Terms and Conditions

Online Payments:

This online payment system for accommodation is provided by Shree Sigandoor Chowdamma Devi Trust ®. These terms and conditions from time to time may change. Please ensure you are aware of the current terms.

Terms & Conditions:

Please read these terms carefully before using the online payment facility. Using the online payment facility on this website indicates that you accept these terms. If you do not accept these terms do not use this facility.

  • The facility of accommodation shall be only for the pilgrims who embark the pilgrimage to Shri kshethra Sigandur
  • The guest houses accommodating the pilgrims are owned by Shri kshethra Sigandur
  • Online room booking facility opens to the pilgrims 25days prior to the date of check in. The booking has to be made at least 5 days prior to the date of check in.
  • The pilgrim who books the room and claims lodging facility should be above 18 years of age.
  • A pilgrim can book a maximum of two rooms at a time.
  • Booking is for 24 hours only.
  • Once booked-rooms are not transferable. Also there is no provision for postponing or advancing of the dates of the booked-rooms.
  • Check- in time is open between 12.00Noon and 12.00Noon as per the selection made during booking.
  • From the booking hour’s maximum of 2hours can be extended for check-in. After two hours of the opted check-in time, the booking gets automatically cancelled.
  • The pilgrim can claim his booking on the arrival by submission of the printed confirmation-copy only in the booking Office at the temple building.
  • At the check in counter the person in whose name the room is booked should be present and his ID Proof should match the one used for booking.
  • The pilgrim is required to pay a refundable-security deposit at the time of check-in and same shall be refunded in case of no damage claims.
  • The guest house- authority does not accept the responsibility for any unforeseen damage or loss or accidents during the stay.
  • Cancellation of rooms booked is allowed only two days earlier to the check-in date. In case of cancellation 50% of the amount paid as advance room rent would be refunded within 20 working days from the date of cancellation.
  • Married couples can claim their booking with proper ID / Identification.
  • Guest house-authority reserves the right to cancel the booking without the prior notice in circumstances beyond control/ unforeseen situations/any illegal activities.
  • The guest house management reserves the right to change the terms and conditions from time to time without prior notice.
  • In case of claim for refund of any kind of deposit, the Management reserves the right to decide.
  • No arrangements for Dharshan will be made by the Guest house-authority.

This is Temple guest house, kindly co-operate.

Temple Guidelines:

  • Consumption of alcohol and non vegetarian food, smoking and carrying explosive materials inside the rooms and in the temple premises are strictly prohibited.
  • Marriages, functions, events, parties or any other ritual inside the room, Photography and videography inside the guesthouse premises strictly prohibited.
  • Cooking inside the room is strictly prohibited.
  • Strictly Pets are not allowed.
  • Room service is not available.
  • Please follow the temple rules for quick and easy Darshana
  • Every Devotee needs to be respected like what you expect
  • No Specific dress code for Darshana however Shorts for Men and Western dress for Women is not allowed.
  • Co-operate with the temple Staff for any bag checks for security purposes.
  • Take care of your valuables like a purse, ornaments, Mobile phones, etc.
  • Don’t put coins or tie rings with tags anywhere in the temple to leave it as your souvenir to the god, it is a superstitious belief.
  • No eatables are allowed inside the temple.
  • Smoking and spitting is prohibited within the temple premise
  • Maintain cleanliness in the temple premises and Q-complex.
  • Please follow and co-operate with the temple customs
  • The use of Mobile phones inside the temple premises is prohibited.

The Timings may vary during special days you can get the details from the temple admin counter.

Grievance Office and Details:

Grievance Officer: Mr. Prakash
Email: [email protected]
Mobile Number: +91-9448870246

Kindly specify subject W.R.T mail or Call as Grievance